Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Rehband Knee Sleeve Review

There is much more involved with being an injury free and successful runner than just hitting the pavement or trails.  I have found that stretching, foam rolling, and strength training also have to be included in my training to not just become stronger, but reduce the risk of injury.  By strengthening the muscles in my legs, I become more stable and can really crush my runs.  I have really noticed my endurance increasing and I can handle climbing and descending hills much better.

I have been working out in the gym for over 25 years now.  I can’t believe that I can even say that.  It makes me feel so old!!!  I am not a gym guru by any means.  I’ve had some friends who are personal trainers work with me on my form and training plans to get the most out my gym workouts.  I have always had some knee issues, especially on heavy leg days. 

My friend and coworker told me about his favorite knee sleeves that he uses when he’s lifting.  He’s a pure animal and puts his gear through the ringer, but says his Rehband Original Knee Sleeves are amazing and will last forever.  I fully trust him and wanted to see if it would help with my knee pain. 

The Rehband Original Knee Sleeve is a 7mm thick knee sleeve that will provide support and stabilization while lifting.  It’s made of thick Neoprene with a seamless back panel and anatomical construction to really work with you when lifting heavy weights.  It does a great job of warming up your joints and muscles to prevent injuries.  When I say warming, I mean that it will make you sweat like crazy under the sleeve.

These knee sleeves are the go-to knee sleeve for people in cross fit from the research that I’ve done.  They are approved for use in Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, Crossfit, Strongman, and Elite team sports.

So my experience with the sleeves has been really good.  They fit great and stay put.  I have tried other cheaper sleeves that always slide down or cause irritation.  The Rehband Original Knee Sleeves do a great job of heating up my knees.  I throw them on before my 1/2 mile jog to the gym and am ready to lift heavy when I get there. I’ve not had any knee pain since I’ve started using my Rehband Original Knee Sleeves and have been able to lift heavier and longer because of the extra stability.

Here is my only issue and it has nothing to do with the product at all.  By the time I am done with my workout, the knee sleeves are drenched with sweat.  I just let them dry, but do have to wash them in the sink after every 2-4 workouts because they start to smell a little.  I could easily see these sleeves lasting for years, they are that durable. 

You can find them on Amazon for $39.59 each (sold per sleeve, not per pair) and they are eligible for Prime shipping.  I encourage you to go to their website and look at their injury guide for other products that may help with an injury you are dealing with (click here). 

Extremely durable
Help with knee pain
May help you lift heavier and longer
Reduces the risk of injury
Stabilizes knee and surrounding soft tissue

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I am a huge advocate for products that can help you reduce the risk of injury.  The Rehband Original Knee Sleeves are one of those products that can help you when working on increasing your strength and becoming less injury prone in whatever sport you are participating in.  I do not plan on having to buy another pair of these sleeves because they should last for quite a long time, but I would not hesitate to buy them again.  While I would be hesitant to spend $80 on a pair of sleeves, the fact that they will last forever and work so well, makes this a “no-brainer” for me. 

Note:  I received this product in exchange for a review.  The review is my personal opinion of the product and I was not required to give a particular opinion of it.  I am not a doctor, so please use all of the products that I review at your own risk.


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