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MudGear Calf Sleeves and Race Jersey v3 Review

Since I started trail running, there have been situations that I had to get used to.  Running on the road, I rarely ended up with soggy feet other than a few months out of the year (I am blessed to live in Northern California).  Running on the trails though meant running through creeks or just stepping in a river to cool of my aching joints or swelling feet. 

I ran across MudGear late in 2016 when I was training for my first ultra-marathon, the Salmon Falls 50k (Folsom, CA). MudGear’s products are built in world-class manufacturing facilities and their gear has been designed by legends in the industry.  The idea began using the name F3, which was named after a group in Charlotte, NC that met to do outdoor, military-style boot camp workouts.  They started by making gear for that group.  The company grew to making apparel for people who did Obstacle Couse Racing (OCR).  Here is a link to my MudGear Trail Socks Review.  They were excellent at keeping my feet dry and comfortable, even after several creek crossings. 

They wanted to make strong gear that could hold up to the tremendous stress that OCR puts on clothing and other gear. Their first custom product was the MudGear Fitted Race Jersey.  It took several tries before getting the fit and feel right because they wanted a shirt that didn’t become saturated with water and mud.  They went into production in 2012 and their items started to hit the shelves in late 2013.   I was excited to test out some of the new products from MudGear including the Compression Calf Sleeves that were just released and the Fitted Race Jersey V3 Short Sleeve, which should be available any day now.

Compression Calf Sleeves

I have tested several compression socks and sleeves over the years and have a difficult time finding a pair that doesn’t make my feet blister or feel overly compressed.  I reviewed the Compression Obstacle Race Socks from MudGear in the same review as the trail socks.  They are not only comfortable, but they don’t overly-compress my feet and I have never got blisters or hot spots in them (a common problem when I trail run or run long distances on the road).  To be honest, I prefer calf sleeves to compression socks and typically only use compression gear for recovery after long runs or races.

The Compression Calf Sleeves have the same specs as the Compression Obstacle Race Socks, which are made with 168 needlepoint compression and use a tougher yarn for a superior compression that will help you perform at your best while being tough enough to handle whatever stands in your way.  There is a built in layer of padding on the lower leg and calf to protect OCR participants against rope burns and other injuries.  That extra layer could be beneficial for trail runners when a rock gets kicked in your direction, or in my case, when I get tired and kick my own leg.

I have been using the Compression Calf Sleeves after almost every long run and it is the most comfortable calf sleeve that I own.  It’s soft material and gradual compression really does feel great while I am wearing it, providing just the right amount of compression.  It really does allow me to recover more quickly so I can get the most out of my training.  You can get your pair of Compression Calf Sleeves for $37 at the MudGear website.

Awesome fit
Excellent breathability and moisture wicking
Graduated compression works to help fight fatigue and speed recovery
Soft, comfortable material
Great price at $37 per pair

Fitted Race Jersey v3 Short Sleeve

I also got the all new Fitted Race Jersey V3 Short Sleeve to review.  It’s a form fitting shirt, which has its advantages and disadvantages.  It does a great job of staying in place and looks awesome if you are fit.  If you are on the larger side though, it will make those love handles a little more apparent (I guess I should cut back on my sweets). 

The Fitted Race Jersey V3 Short Sleeve is made of a custom poly blend that makes the shirt extremely tough while not taking away from its breathability and moisture wicking capabilities.  They use a honeycomb 4-way stretch technology that will stay close to your skin while not being a compression top, which can be restrictive.  This shirt will allow you to perform at your best and not hinder you or get caught on an obstacle.

The shirt is made with heavy-duty, flat-lock stitching that not only adds durability, but also eliminates chaffing.  The Fitted Race Jersey V3 Short Sleeve was designed to be used on the OCR course but would be great for road and trail running as well as in the gym.  It protects you on the OCR course so you don’t get trashed as badly and can even be useful while trail running, since tree branches and thorns can leave you scraped up normally.

The version that I tested has a huge MudGear logo on the front and the American flag on the arm, both logos are grey in color.  This is the version that will be out in a few days.  The links in this post are for a version that does not have the same logos, but has the same technology.  I used this jersey in numerous runs from cool morning runs at 4:00am to lunch runs in 100 degree heat.  The one thing about this shirt is that it simply felt and performed great.  I also love the fact that this is their first version to be made 100% made in the USA, from the hang tags to the labels.  The construction and materials are definitely top notch.  You can get your Fitted Race Jersey V3 Short Sleeve for $39 at the MudGear website.

Awesome fit (for more athletic body types)
Excellent breathability and moisture wicking
Moisture wicking and breathable
Dries quickly
Great price at $39

If you have a muffin top like me, it well make it more apparent.

MudGear’s Social Media Links

I love both the Compression Calf Sleeves and Fitted Race Jersey V3 Short Sleeve from MudGear.  They not only are extremely durable, but comfortable as well.  I am always looking for great running gear that will help me preform at my best and help me to recover more efficiently.  These MudGear products, as with the socks that I reviewed in the past, sell for a decent price and are extremely durable.  My conclusion is that they are a great value.  Give them a try and let me know if you come to the same conclusion.

Note:  I received this product in exchange for a review.  The review is my personal opinion of the product and I was not required to give a particular opinion of it.  I am not a doctor, so please use all of the products that I review at your own risk.

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