Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Review

Have you heard of Yeti Coolers?  They are probably the most rugged coolers on the market.  Yeti was founded by Roy and Ryan Seiders and is based out of Austin, Texas.  Roy and Ryan always had a passion for being outdoors and loved to hunt and fish.  The problem that they found was that coolers out there just couldn’t handle the demands of their adventures.  The brothers decided in 2006 to start Yeti Coolers with a simple mission: “build the cooler we’d use every day.”  They sure didn’t make your ordinary cooler though.  Their coolers are designed and marketed toward more serious outdoor enthusiasts.  The prices of their products reflect that. 

The benefits of Yeti Coolers can be worth the money depending on your needs. They are simply made to not break.  Roy and Ryan never want to sacrifice quality to save a few bucks.  Originally only offering coolers, they have branched out to cups, bottle openers, Hoppers, and more.  I tested the 36 ounce Yeti Rambler a while back (click here for my review). 

I got the Yeti Hopper Flip 12 to test out about a month ago.  As a runner who loves to hit the trails, I always bring snacks or a protein shake that sit in my car.  I have tried cooler after cooler, but when it’s in the 90’s (the car can be over 120 degrees) my food usually ends up warm.  I also like to take food for after a race, but have the same issue. 

The Hopper Flip 12 is a great solution to that problem and I will share the reasons why I feel this way.  First of all, it can hold 12 cans of… soda (Tommy Boy reference) and keep it cold for quite a while.  The soft-ish cooler is about a rugged as they come.  The cooler measures about 11”x12” and the interior is made with closed-cell rubber foam and is superior to other coolers in terms of keeping the inside of the cooler cold.  The Dryhide exterior is a high-density fabric that is waterproof and is resistant to mildew, punctures, and UV rays.

The inside of the cooler is lined with a mildew-resistant, FDA-approved food-grade plastic.  It is really easy to clean out the inside of the cooler too.  The Hopper Flip 12 perfectly fits the 4 pound block of Yeti Ice in the bottom.  Yeti Ice comes in three sizes, 1lb ($14.99), 2lbs. ($19.99), or 4lbs ($29.99).  I found that with the Yeti Ice (2lb and 4lb) packs, my food stayed cold for the whole day.  If you were looking for longer periods of time that you need to keep items cold, or want your beer a little colder, you can put the Yeti Ice on the bottom, add your brew, and add some ice on top.  It should stay cold for a few days. 

Besides the Hopper Flip 12 being rugged on the outside and inside, it comes with the most robust zipper that I have ever seen.  The HydroLok™ Zipper is waterproof and will not leak.  With it being so rugged, it is a little more difficult to open than a normal zipper, but I am okay with that if it means a better seal.  It does come with a small bottle of lubricant for the zipper.

The outside of the Hopper Flip 12 has handles on three of the four sides and has an awesome shoulder carrying strap.  There is a padded shoulder cushion that has a slip resistant rubber backing that makes sure the strap won’t fall off your shoulder.  The shoulder strap is double stitched for extra durability as well.

The back of the pack has a Velcro square so you can personalize your cooler with a name or patch.  The HitchPoint™ Grid is made to easily fasten bottle openers, Sidekick storage pouch, carabiners, and other items, some of which are available on the Yeti website.  You can also use the grid to tie your cooler in so it doesn’t fly off your boat, etc. 

I love my Hopper Flip 12 and have used it numerous times on my trail runs and even on a few family picnics. It does an exceptional job at keeping my items cold longer than my other coolers.  The Hopper Flip 12 is the perfect size and costs $279.99 on the Yeti website.  If you are looking for a bigger version, there is they have some other Hopper versions, but they do not have the flip-top lid (Click here to see the other Hopper versions).

Overbuilt to take abuse
Easy to hold with multiple handles
Awesome shoulder strap for carrying
Ice last for days
Interior is made of mildew resistant food grade plastic
Tons of insulation.
Extremely durable/waterproof zipper

Priced higher than other coolers at $279.99 but worth the money

I have friends who bought the large Yeti ice chests and had ice in it for over a week without the ice melting.  My 36 ounce Yeti Rambler lasted 23 hours longer than my Hydraflask bottle.  The Hopper Flip 12 is an amazing product and is perfect for runners who take food with them to trail runs, races, or even just for field meetings if you work in the field.  You can pick up your Hopper Flip 12 at the Yeti website or online through other retailers, although the prices are almost the same wherever you buy it.  Pick up the Hopper Flip 12 for yourself and let me know what you think.

Note:  I received this product in exchange for a review.  The review is my personal opinion of the product and I was not required to give a particular opinion of it.  I am not a doctor, so please use all of the products that I review at your own risk.


  1. Incredible Tommy Boy pull. Thanks for the review.

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