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Elite Tuno Power Bike Trainer Review

If you are like me, cycling in any significant rain just won’t happen.  I can only afford the bike I have and need it to last.  I know that you can still ride in the rain and maintain your bike so it won’t drastically reduce the life, but I simply wouldn’t do the required maintenance.  That means that when winter comes, I need to find an alternative to riding in the rain.  Bicycle trainers are great tools for that situation and many others.  There are rollers, magnet based trainers, fluid based trainers, and even trainers where you don’t even need a roller because it has a built in cassette and hub.  Check out my guide on what to look for when getting a bike trainer, which includes pro’s and con’s for each type by clicking here.

Elite Cycling is based out of Italy.  They felt that their culture and historical roots were so important, that they build their production facility in an old building that they carefully refurbished and restored to fit their needs.  For over 30 years now, Elite has been offering the cycling world, unique and cutting edge products.  They not only get their ideas from professional riders, but amateur cyclists that they come across too.  Only by listening to the needs of cyclists and any critiques that they have, can Elite refine their products and create new concepts to move cycling products forward and make their products better. 

Elite sponsors most of the teams that take on races like the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, World Championships, and Paris-Roubaix.  They make products ranging from water bottles and cages to indoor trainers and rollers that offer new levels of realism.  They even make performance creams.  I got the Elite Tuno Power Fluid Pack indoor trainer to test.  I had been using a friends high-end fluid trainer, from another brand, over the past few months and will be using that as a comparison.  Just for the record, the trainer that I had been using is known as one of the best fluid trainers out there so the Elite Tuno Power Fluid trainer has its work cut out for it.

In the Box
Tuno Power Fluid Trainer
Black Training Mat
Riser (Travel) Block
All metal skewer
Instructions (assembly and use)
Card with the code for My E-Training App

It took me about 20 minutes to put the trainer together.  There is the main frame of the trainer (white portion), a black mount with the quick release, and the roller which is attached to the fluid compartment.  It’s assembled with a few bolts.  You will need to know your tire size, but other than that it’s very easy to put together.  The instructions could be a little clearer, but you can follow them and it is easier than Ikea’s instructions.  

First Use
Now that the Elite Tuno Power Fluid trainer is fully assembled, you simply throw down your training mat, unfold the Elite Tuno Power Fluid trainer, and replace the skewer on your rear wheel with the metal skewer that was included in the box.  You put the skewer in the metal clamping arm and close the red latch.  The next step is to turn the black dial behind the roller, which moves the roller up against your tire and you are ready to ride.  It is extremely simple to setup and use, even if you don’t have any experience with trainers.  That cannot be said for most trainers from my experience.


Elastogel Roller
One of the best features of the Elite Tuno Power Fluid trainer is the oversized elastogel roller.  It is a stickier rolling surface than many of the metal surfaces of its competitors.  Why is this important though?  The elastogel surface reduces noise by 50% and reduces tire wear by 20% meaning that your trainer tires will last longer.  I found that it’s definitely quieter than the other trainer that I used, which is a huge advantage.  I could watch television without having to crank the volume.  The elastogel roller also reduces wheel slippage, which can be an issue with some metal rollers.

AutomaticTention Plate
The roller sits on an “AutomaticTention Plate” that maintains the correct pressure between the roller and your tire.  This is in addition to the Spring-loading mechanism makes sure that you have enough resistance between your tire and roller.  I had to mess around with my past trainer to prevent slippage, but never had that problem with the Elite Tuno Power Fluid trainer. 

Enclosed Flywheel
The fluid flywheel is completely enclosed to prevent fluid leaking and give you more power resistance.  It can generate up to 1200 watts of power and up to 1000 watts of fluid resistance.  It also does a great job of dissipating heat.  Some trainers get so hot that you can literally burn yourself if you touch the flywheel.    

Sturdy, Wide Base
The Elite Tuno Power Fluid trainer measures 67cm by 63cm and is 40cm tall.  That means that the base is wide enough to provide a very stable ride without taking up tons of space.  The steel frame will last for quite a while and can accommodate wheel sizes from 24” to 29”.  The rubberized feet improve stability and prevent the trainer from moving around while you are riding, even when really pushing it. 

Misuro B+ Smart Sensor (Additional fee)
The Misuro B+ works with the Elite Tuno Power Fluid trainer but costs an additional $89.99.  It turns the trainer into a smart trainer.  The Misuro B+ is an ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart speed, power, and cadence sensor that monitors your training sessions on your smartphone, tablet, or even your GPS cycling computer. You can pair the sensor with the My E-Training App which will turn the trainer into an advanced digital instrument that displays and manages metrics.  I loved having metrics like speed, power, and cadence when riding on the trainer.  I could also get that out of my Garmin Edge 800 (with the exception of the power), but that won’t sync up with the app like the Misuro B+ does. 

My E-Training App
The My E-Training App is available for both Apple and Android devices through their app stores.  The app works on smartphones and tablets.  When you use sensors like a heart rate strap and the Misuro B+ you can utilize your power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time, and distance into your training.  You can train with Elite RealVideos or even download hundreds of user-created free My RealVideo races. 

Elite My E-Training App Video 

You can even create your own My RealVideo of your favorite ride and experience it in training over and over again.  That would be nice to do for my favorite ride in California (the Lake Tahoe 72 mile loop).  You get a 1 month free subscription to the My E-Training App.  I absolutely love the app.  It makes countless hours on the trainer more enjoyable.  Racing famous courses is a really cool function and inspires you to push a little harder.

My RealVideo Mt. Evans, Colorado Sample Video
Great price around $359 (look below for a great sale I found)
Can turn into a smart trainer
Elastogel roller is quieter and reduces slippage
Very stable base
Easy to attach and remove bike
Comes with training pad and riser block
Extremely quiet (for a trainer)
AutomaticTention Plate maintains the right pressure on your wheel

Elite Cycling’s Social Media Links:

The Elite Tuno Power Fluid trainer is a great fluid trainer that is foldable which makes it it easy to put away when it’s not in use.  The base is more stable than many of the trainers out there and it’s definitely quieter.  The elastogel roller is a great feature that not only reduces noise, but will help extend the life of your trainer tires and prevent slippage.  The quick release that secures your bike is really easy to use and I have no worries that it will release while I am riding. 

All in all, this is one exceptional trainer for beginners, weekend warriors, and even professionals.  I would highly recommend the Elite Tuno Power Fluid trainer even without the smart functionality that you get when you purchase the Misuro B+ Smart Sensor.  That just takes and awesome trainer and makes it exceptional.  You can purchase your trainer online.  The best deal I found was for $309.90 including free shipping (click here).  Get your trainer today and start your winter training on the right pedal.

Note:  I received this product in exchange for a review.  The review is my personal opinion of the product and I was not required to give a particular opinion of it.  I am not a doctor, so please use all of the products that I review at your own risk.

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