Tuesday, April 5, 2016

About Me

My name is Brian Goldman and I am 38 years old.  After several years of cycling I was looking for a change of pace that would fit into my lifestyle.  I am married with three young children and found it difficult to find time to go on long bike rides.  In April of 2013 some friends from work started running and I decided to tag along.  I never really enjoyed running, but had only run on treadmills in the past.  My first run was as 2 mile struggle and I averaged around 12:30 minutes/mile (when I was running), having to stop several times to catch my breath.  

Over the next few months I progressed and was running at an average pace of 9:30 minutes/mile.  Unfortunately I started developing shin splints.  Over the next year I dealt with one injury after another from IT Band issues, to tendonitis, to hip pain.  I spent countless hours researching injury prevention and even went to a running coach to change my form.  

I now love running and have a passion for helping other people get through their running pain so they too can enjoy running. For that reason, I started my blog, Running Without Injuries, to provide advice, tips, and product reviews for newer runners and runners who want to get faster. My blog posts include information about various injuries, including how to differentiate between them and different treatments options.  Because there are numerous products that aid in the prevention and treatment of running injuries, I do product reviews of these items have been key to keeping me in the running game.  I also review the best products out there to help you find products that can keep you safe, run faster, or eliminate pesky issues like chaffing.

I ran my first half marathon on April 26, 2014 (the American River Parkway Half Marathon) with an average pace of 9:12 minutes/mile.  To date, I have run 8 half marathons with a PR of 1:50:20 and last year I ran the California International Marathon, which was my first full marathon.  I finished in 4:13:29 and can’t wait to break the 4 hour mark this year.  I am also racing for SLS3 in 2016, and am very excited for the opportunity.  

I wanted to start Real Runner Reviews to allow my blog, Running Without Injuries, to focus on injury prevention, treatment, inspiring stories, and how to get faster and put the reviews on a separate blog.

I would love any support and always am looking for suggestions of topics to write about.  Please visit my blog Running Without Injuries or like the Running Without Injuries Facebook and Real Runner Reviews’ Facebook pages.

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