Friday, March 4, 2016

SLS3 Dual Pocket Belt and Deluxe Hydration Belt Review

As you might know by now that I am racing for SLS3 this year.  I ran my first race and am thrilled to be getting faster and stronger.  SLS3 was founded in 2004 by two German triathletes who fell in love and were both very passionate about being triathletes.  They started by making a triathlon suit, short, top and compression socks.    After all, that is all that was needed to do a triathlon and they didn’t have much money.  As they have grown, they started to branch out to cover what their customers wanted. 

Now each item is custom designed from scratch and tested by them.  If it meets their high standards, then they put the item into production.  Most of their products are made in the USA.  They believe in keeping a small carbon footprint and partnering with smaller businesses.  Today I will be reviewing the Dual Pocket Belt and the Hydration Belt Deluxe.

The SLS3 Dual Pocket Belt is a great tool for taking your phone, gels, keys, cash, and license.  I have a Samsung Galaxy 6, which is a larger phone (similar in size to the iPhone 6).  It is difficult to find any running gear that really fits my phone well.  I am pleased to say that it wasn’t a problem with the Dual Pocket Belt.  Not only can I fit my phone in the pocket, but each pocket is made with a water resistant materials and zipper.  Now your phone can remain protected from rain and sweat.  I took it for a test run yesterday in the rain and my phone was completely dry when I got done.
The elastic belt fits snugly and is comfortable.  Unlike some belts out there, this design eliminates any bouncing, even when it is fully stocked with your gear.  The elastic belt is fully adjustable and fits waist sizes from 22” to 40”.  The Dual Pocket Belt will not only be good for running, but you can use it for trips to the gym, hiking, and even when traveling to put your passport in (you can hide your money in there too).
Large enough pocket for most phones (even iPhone 6)
Comfortable and bounce free
Fully adjustable
Water resistant pockets protect your phone from moisture
Great introductory price $16.90

The SLS3 Hydration Belt Deluxe is another great product.  It features a clear front pocket that is big enough to fit larger phones (You can even fit an iPhone 6+ in this one).  Behind the phone, the pouch expands to fit keys, money, and other items that you want to take on your run. 

The waist band is fully adjustable as well and fits most waists larger than 31”.  The placement of the water bottles and pocket work well when you are running and don’t feel awkward like some hydration packs.  The combination of the elastic belt and silicon grippers provide a bounce free experience. 

Other features of the Hydration Belt Deluxe include race toggles, which I absolutely love.  I will never pin a race bib to my clothes again.  There is a headphone cord hole in the front of the pocket and there are reflective loops on the front of the belt.  The materials are not quite as good as some of the top of the line hydration belts, but you also aren’t paying $50-75 for the hydration belt either.  I think you get a great product for the price.

The water bottles hold 10 ounces each and fit in pockets that keep your bottles secure.  No worrying about your bottle falling through the holder like some brands.  There is an elastic cord that helps hold the bottle in place while you run as well.  The only downside is that the phone pouch is not waterproof, so if it is pouring rain, your phone would not be protected.

Large enough pocket for most phones (even iPhone 6 +)
Has race toggles
Comfortable and bounce free
Fully adjustable belt
Holds two 10 oz. water bottles securely
Great introductory price $29.90

SLS3 Social Media Links:

SLS3 is offering the Dual Pocket Belt at an introductory price of $16.90 (43% off, normally $29.90) for a limited time on Amazon. The Hydration Belt Deluxe is also available at an introductory price of $29.90 (40% off, normally $49.90) for a limited time on Amazon.  SLS3 is offering 40% of any product on the SLS3 website as well by using the offer code BLOG40 at checkout.

There is a raffle for a free Dual Pocket Belt.  Here is a link to the raffle that starts today and will last a week.  I really liked the design and feel of the both the Dual Pocket Belt and Hydration Belt Deluxe.  Get yours today before the price goes up.

Note:  I received this product in exchange for a review.  The review is my personal opinion of the product and I was not required to give a particular opinion of it.  I am not a doctor, so please use all of the products that I review at your own risk.

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