Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tommie Copper Recovery Gear Review

There are numerous reports that say recovery is more important than the intensity of your runs.  Most people train really hard, follow their training plans to the letter, and then don’t give themselves enough time to recover properly.  Having a good recovery plans consists of having a good balance of easy and hard runs, stretching, and nutrition.  One way to recover quicker is to utilize compression gear.  I have tested a decent amount of compression gear from some of the leading companies like 2XU, McDavid, Zensah, CompressionZ, and CEP.  I heard about Tommie Copper from a friend and wanted to test out some of their gear. 

I got to test Tommie Copper’s recovery tights, recovery shorts, and their knee sleeve.  Each Tommie Copper item uses what they call Copper Znergy™.  It consists of a proprietary fabric that is infused with copper and zinc, which they claim can provide several benefits.  Copper Znergy™ inhibits the growth of odor-causing microbes on the fabric.  That’s always a plus; nobody wants stinky clothes.  The fabric has a UPF 50+ rating to protect your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays.  Each Tommie Copper product features a light weight, breathable design made with Cool Copper™ which is moisture wicking and has anti-chafe seams. 

The recovery tights, shorts and knee sleeves felt awesome from the moment that I put them on.  They made my legs feel cool, which is nothing I have felt in any other recovery gear that I have tried.  I really felt like they had just the right amount of compression without being too loose or tight.  This is not always the case, it just depends on the brand.  I felt that the materials were very durable and that their construction will make these last. 

Tommie Copper recovery gear can be washed in and dried, although you should not use fabric softener or bleach.  Just wash them like you normally would and dry them on a gentle cycle.  Their website says that they will retain their benefits for at least 50 washes. 

Best compression gear I have tried
Great materials
Feel Awesome
Can be used for extended amounts of time

Some of the gear is a little pricey (but worth the money).

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I have to say that I love all three of these products for different reasons.  The recovery tights cost $79.50, the recovery shorts cost $49.50, and the knee sleeve is $24.50.  Be aware that they are all sold individually so if you want 2 knee sleeves, you will need to order 2.  They are a little pricey, but it is well worth the money.  You can order them on the Tommie Copper website.  If you order soon, Tommie Copper is offering 25% off by using the code “HOLIDAY25” at checkout.  Shipping is free for all orders over $75 (Free 2-day shipping on orders over $150).  You will also get a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.  Give Tommie Copper recovery gear a try.  You won’t be disappointed.

Note:  I received this product in exchange for a review.  The review is my personal opinion of the product and I was not required to give a particular opinion of it.  I am not a doctor, so please use all of the products that I review at your own risk.

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