Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Altra The One 2.5 Review

I started running in Altra shoes about a year ago.  My first pair were the Instinct 2’s.  I instantly fell in love with them.  The wide toe box, zero drop design, light weight, and plenty of cushioning kept the Instinct 2 as one of my favorite shoes for quite a while.  I have also tested the Altra Paradigm, Instinct 3, and now I am reviewing The One 2.5’s. 

The One 2.5’s are a light weight shoe that was made for speed.  The funny thing is that they have enough cushion for your longer runs as well.  It seems like Altra is on the right track.  Each of their shoes is improving upon the previous model, which isn’t always the case with other companies. 

Get ready for this.  They weigh in at 5.2 ounces…  That is insane, especially considering that there is actually some cushioning there.  Altra was able to cut some weight by only having a harder rubber material in certain areas on the bottom of the shoe (outsole).  While I was concerned with this at first, my worries were quickly squashed.  I have run over 30 miles in these shoes so far and the exposed Dual Layer EVA midsole still looks as good as the first time I put them on (besides being dirty). 

The midsole is made up of the Dual Layer EVA with an A-Bound top layer.  A-Bound is a responsive cushioning that protects your feet as your foot impacts the ground and then rebounds to add spring to each step.  It’s always nice to have a little bit of a boost, especially when you are tired.

Very comfortable
Zero heel drop
Wide toe box.
Very light 5.2 ounces
Plenty of cushion
Great price ($100 at

With the exposed midsole, The One 2.5 might not last quite as long as other shoes.

I am once again impressed with another great Altra shoe.  The One 2.5 is going with me to my next half marathon to hopefully bring home a new PR.  I love these shoes!!!  While I am used to the zero drop, it might take other people a few weeks to get used to them.  I also wanted to share with you that Altra just announced that they will be releasing a line of running apparel in 2016.  I hope you are excited as I am. 

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