Friday, January 2, 2015

WIN Sport Detergent Review

If you are a new runner or have been around the block a few times, you probably know that running brings out some smells that you never thought would come out of your body.  I have been cycling and working out at the gym for over a decade and my clothes have never smelled like they do after a run.  My wife and I call it the homeless smell.  

The smell doesn’t actually come from the sweat itself but from the bacterium that breaks down the sweat (a process called bromhidrosis).  Performance or technical running gear is made to wick moisture and dry quickly, but those same properties trap the oils and bacteria that smell so bad.  Cotton tends to not trap those oils as easily, but is terrible at moisture wicking and breathability.  

I used to just wash my running gear with my normal laundry.  The problem is that most detergents don’t remove the oils and bacteria that care causing the smells.  These oils reduce the effectiveness of your expensive running clothes.  There are a few

sport washes out there that can help.  Nathan Sport Wash and WIN detergent are two of those washes.  Today I will review the WIN detergent.

WIN detergent is formulated to break the bond between the oils and the fabric so they come out smelling great.  Not only will your clothes smell fresh, but by removing that residue from your clothing, your clothes will breathe and wick moisture better.  They recommend washing in warm water and tumble drying on low.  I always wash my gear in cold water because I don’t want them to shrink but had no issues.

I received two bottles from WIN.  The blue bottle is their original high-performance sport wash and the green is the fragrance-free dye-free version.  Both versions worked great and what I really liked about the original version is that my clothes smelled good and weren’t overly fragrant like after I washed my clothes with Nathan’s Sport Wash.  I feel that the WIN detergents are a superior product.  

The bottles each have enough for 21 loads.  If you like to run in clothes that don’t smell like death, than pick up your bottle of WIN detergent at Amazon or your local running store.  The 32 ounce (21 wash) bottle sells for about $10.95 on Amazon.  Not a bad price for great smelling clothes. To find out more information go to  

Note:  I received this product in exchange for a review.  The review is my personal opinion of the product and I was not required to give a particular opinion of it.  I am not a doctor, so please use all of the products that I review at your own risk.