Monday, December 22, 2014

Source Hydration Products Review

We are told that we need to hydrate before and during exercise.  There are so many options out there in regards to bringing fluids with you.  There are hand held water bottles, waist packs, and backpacks.  I have even seen shirts that have a water bladder built in.  Most hydration packs have the same basic features.  Source, a hydration company out of Israel, is adding some innovative changes to make your hydration experience better. Let’s look at some of the features that make Source’s packs great. 

Hydration Bladder: The hydration bladder has a glass-like film that protects against bacteria build-up offers an experience without that plastic taste common with most hydration bladders.  It is easy to clean and has a wide mouth, so it is easy to fill.  The hydration tubes have a quick connect to make cleaning easier and each hose has an insulated weave cover to keep your fluids cool.  It has a “helix valve” which offers a 360 degree mouthpiece so you don’t need to bite in a specific direction to get water.  The mouthpiece comes with a dirt guard (cover) to keep the mouthpiece clean and there are magnetic clips to keep the hose from dangling.

Special Pack Features: Some of the innovative pack features include a whistle that is built into the chest strap.  This is a great safety feature that would be great if you injure yourself on a trail run or if someone tries to approach you on your run around the block. The packs are light weight and well ventilated.  Their closed-strap system makes sure that you don’t have loose straps smacking your sides as you run.  Some of their packs have hip pockets for easy storage of your phone or energy gels. There are also insulated pockets, hiking pole straps, and detachable storage pouches on some models.  Let’s look at a few of the products that I tested.

The Dune hydration pack features “X-Fit” shoulder straps that allow a perfect fit for different body types.  You will feel less stress on your shoulders and an overall better fit with this unique design.  I am a big fan.  The Dune comes with a 1.5 liter low profile hydration bladder with the magnetic clips. There is a hip pocket on either side that I used to store my phone and energy gels. They are the right size and easy to access while in the middle of a run.  There is a sternum strap to keep the pack from moving around.  It has bungee cords for storing an extra layer of clothing and an internal pocket for storage.  This is a great pack that you could just as easily use during a race or a leisurely trail run.  The only thing I would change on this pack is adding a 2.0 liter bladder, which is easy to do later.

Dune Hydration Pack
Dune Hydration Pack

Another great pack from Source that I tested was the Pulse hydration pack.  It provides more space for storage and a larger bladder at 2 or 3 Liters depending on which one you purchase.  It comes with two insulated vertical pouches (one for your hydration bladder and one for a spare water bottle or your lunch).  It also has a removable storage area and waist belt.  This is a great pack for trail running and hiking.  It also worked well on my long runs, but I liked the Dune better for use on race day because of the hip pouches.  The Pulse is a very well put together pack though and you wouldn’t be disappointed with the purchase.

Pulse Hydration Pack
Another innovative product from Source is their DVide bladder.  It comes in a 2 liter and 3 liter option.  Get ready for this.  It has two compartments each with its own tube.  That’s right folks, you can have both water and your electrolyte drinks on your run.  What an awesome idea!  The tubes are color coded (blue and orange) so you know what you are drinking.  I can’t believe that someone hasn’t thought of this sooner.  It is a great idea and it works perfectly.  The only thing that is missing is a color coded insulated weave cover.  
DVide Hydration Bladder
DVide Hydration Bladder
Source also came up with a way to refill your bladder while you are out and about.  Their UTA – Universal Tube Adapter works with the quick connect system on your hydration bladders and tubes.  You simply attach the UTA adapter and put in on a water bottle or water tap.  You keep the bottle or tap above the hydrations pack and that’s it, simple as that.  You will be restocked in no time. (50 seconds for a 1.5 liter water bottle or 2 liters out of a tap in about 45 seconds.    

UTA - Universal Tube Adapter
UTA connected to a water bottle

I was extremely impressed with all the innovative features and how comfortable the Source hydration packs were.  The products use cutting edge technology to deliver clean great tasting water at a decent price.  Check out their hydration products at

Note:  I received this product in exchange for a review.  The review is my personal opinion of the product and I was not required to give a particular opinion of it.  I am not a doctor, so please use all of the products that I review at your own risk.

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