Monday, December 8, 2014

Road ID Review

Wrist ID Elite

When we go out for a run, we have our normal running gear, but what would happen if you injure yourself or even worse, you get hit by a car.  Would the first responders know how to get a hold of your loved ones?  Would they know if you have any allergies to medication?  I always run with my phone, but the screen is locked and the first responders would not know my password.  I have my emergency contact information on the lock screen just in case, but there is another option. 

Wrist ID Slim
Road ID produces various bracelets and bands that go on your wrist, ankle, or shoelaces.  Each of the bands has a metal plate that is laser engraved with whatever information you would like.  I put my name, the city I live in, my wife and father’s phone numbers, and that I have no known medical allergies.  Here are some of the more popular products.

The Wrist ID Elite is the bracelet that I got.  It features the metal plate, a .75 inch silicone band, and a watch style buckle.  The band is adjustable and is easy to take on and off.  The silicone band comes in 15 different colors so you can customize it to fit your personality.  I didn’t cut enough off of the band and the metal buckle rubbed against my skin at first, causing irritation.  When I got home I cut a little more off and the bracelet fits perfectly now with no irritation.  
Wrist Sport ID

The Wrist ID Slim is similar to the Wrist ID Elite but is .47 inches wide and does not have the watch style buckle.  There are 14 colors to choose from and you can choose from 5 different sized bands.  With both the Wrist ID Elite and Wrist ID Slim, you can get different badges, which have various race distances, sports, and other symbols to further accessorize your bracelet.
Shoe ID

The Wrist ID Sport is a comfortable fabric bracelet that has a Velcro enclosure and has 3M reflective stitching to help make you more visible.  It comes in 7 different colors and comes in three sizes.  They also have the Shoe ID, Ankle ID, and Shoe Pouch ID.    

Ankle ID
One other feature that Road ID offers is their interactive bracelets.  This is where you put some of your information on the metal plate, but instead of putting your families contact information, it would have a phone number and serial number.  The phone number connects the first responders to an operator that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  You can change your information without having to order a new bracelet.  This costs $9.99 per year but the first year is included with the purchase of your Road ID product.

Shoe Pouch ID
This is a great product to help you get the medical attention that you need if the unthinkable ever happens.  We always think that we are safe and that nothing bad will happen.  If you couldn’t speak for yourself, would the first responders know how to get a hold of your loved ones?  With Road ID’s products, they would.  This would make a great holiday present for the runner in your life.  They are running some great holiday deals, so check them out.  Go to to order yours today. 

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