Friday, July 25, 2014

Would You Rock The Injinji Toe Sock?

Today I am going to review my favorite running sock.  To be honest, if they were cheaper, I would use them for everyday use.  Let’s talk about the obvious.  These socks are funny looking and the first time you use them, they feel a little weird.  With that being said, the weird feeling went away after about 5 minutes and they are the most comfortable socks that I own.

I originally got the light weight micro crew socks on Groupon.  I wish I could find that deal again because they were so cheap.  They normally start around $10 per sock and go up in price from there.  You can get them on the Injinji website, Amazon, or your favorite running store.  I really like the Performance Original weight.  It has the right amount of protection for my feet.

There are several benefits of using the Injinji toe socks.  The socks are anatomically designed for your foot, covering each toe and allowing them to spread out as they naturally want to.  Normal socks keep your feet restricted.  While you might not feel that this is a big deal, give the toe socks a try and you will realize what I am talking about.  You will gain stability and feel more comfortable as your feet learn to spread out.

They are great for people who get blisters.  By having no skin to skin contact between your toes, you eliminate that point of friction which can cause blistering.  Each sock is made of moisture wicking material and has seamless toes.  They have a mesh top for more breathability, an arch support band, and an enhanced cuff so your socks don’t slip down.

What are the different thickness socks you can get?

The Performance Lightweight sock is ultra-thin featuring a light and breathable mesh top for maximum ventilation. This sock is ideal for those who want as much ground feel as possible.

The Performance Original weight sock is not too thin, not too thick. It is great for everyday use in any shoe, climate, or terrain. It’s a great go-to sock for sport and casual use, and I do use it for both.

The Performance Midweight sock provides additional padding from the heel to the toes. It features a honeycomb design on top of the foot for added breathability and a light compression for proper fit. If you have sensitive feet and prefer more sock protection you’d like the Midweight.

If you don’t have a pair of Injinji toe socks, you are missing out.  They have socks for all types of activities, not just running.  They have different thicknesses, colors, and lengths of socks.  Please let me know what pair you get and what you think of them.  I hope you love them as much as I do.